Our Goal

The goal of our youth ministry is to help the youth discover and cultivate their identity in Christ, and serve our local church and community faithfully. Teaching them through biblically focused, Christ-centered communities and activities. 


Each Wednesday we play games, worship the Lord in song and have a time of teaching and small group prayer and discussion. We strive to teach our youth about their identity in Christ by showing them who He is, how He saved them, and how they can serve Him in light of those things.


We encourage fun and community through physical activity and fun social games. These games help create opportunities to create friendships and community with the other students and the volunteer leaders.


We want to create special ways for the youth to spend time with each other and the leaders outside of youth groups through memorable experiences such as camping trips, game nights, or going to the waterpark. These events allow for the youth and leaders to get to know each other in a less structured, more relaxed context to build discipleship relationships, and create real community.

Nathan Braun
Ministry Director

Nathan Braun is our Middle school Youth Ministry Director. If you have any questions about our middle school youth ministry, contact Nathan at: nathanbraun1999@gmail.com

Eric and Ana Seeman
Ministry Directors

Eric and Ana lead our high school youth ministry. If you have any questions regarding our high school youth ministry, please contact them at: ericnseeman@gmail.com