At Anchor Community Church
Mission Fit

We want everyone who is serving at Anchor to know and believe in our mission. We believe that our love for Him drives our love and service to each other and the world, for the glory of God. 

This means that our service to each other and the world does not come from a place of trying to earn favor with God or people, but from a place of love. 

We also believe that our service should always bring glory to God. This means that we serve with excellence, to the best of our ability, but also with the correct heart attitude. 


Each service opportunity will have a different level of training that is required. Some service areas require only basic training and are a great place to start. Other areas require more advanced training because of the complexity of the work. Since we want to do everything to the best of our ability, training is vital to be able to successfully serve with excellence.

Safe and Secure

When serving in our children and youth ministries, background checks and safety training are required. A primary value of our children's ministry is to provide a safe and secure place for our children to grow and learn. Contact us to learn more about our safety measures.